loro budaye

Busy day! Arived at school early this morning since couple of days hehe. But then, directly went to the library and spent an hour in there. After school, practiced with my vocal group, nisa, mita, darin, shasha, feni, and asih. Well, it's just a group to get the Arts and Culture lesson's score.
We use "Loro Budaye" as our theme. Why? Because we've planned to perform "Sirih Kuning" song from DKI Jakarta and "Gambang Suling" from Central Java. I love the theme <3 and I love my group too ;)
Tomorrow, we will practice it again. And also tomorrow I will gather with my aerobic group. 3 words for tomorrow: What a day!
Now, just found the old photo of TEKAT-ers. It was took when we got our almamater (more than 1 year ago). No one use their shoes! :D Oh, the pink-hijab-girl was our PPL teacher, ka'Vira UNJ (Universitas Negeri Jakarta). Miss her :)