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Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012


I am back. just visiting and posting a post. I try to not use my own modem for about 6 months since new year. I try to focus on my exams. tasks make their own mountain. but since I hid my nobie and modem, I had done my tasks and now I just have two new tasks. fiuh. I don't know, maybe on Monday and the next day and the next day I'll have the other tasks. Oh, on Tue and Wed I'll have the "TKM" or "Tes Kendali Mutu" on the province level. just hope I'll get my best scores for those 4 lessons (Math, English, Bahasa, and Accounting).

Oh, and I'm 17 now! Woo-hoo! haven't got the ID card yet. But I did, get presents from my besties. got a cake from Nisa and Dede Hardian on my day. They came to my house in the afternoon. What a surprise! Love you guys <3
On the same day, my little sista gave me a present. It's a frame. I think she wanted me to put my and "his" photo. haha. but thank you :)

On Mon, I treated 4G (Nisa, Dede, and Simin) plus Aya and Alam. Well, Hanif and Syahrul couldn't join us. Hanif was fasting on that day and Syahrul went home earlier with him. After treating them and when I got home, my little sista, Rosna, told me that there were a present from my friend. And it's from 4G. A frame with our pictures in it. Much loves for you guys <3

On Wed, I treated Hanif and Syahrul, but I also treated Nisa, Simin, Aya, and Alam again plus Severina. And on the same day I got presents. One from Aya and Farah (a blue mukena and a blue hijab) and one from my classmates (a blue lunch box). Blue lover, I am. hehe.

But, because I'm online using the secret pc (hehe), I can't uploading those pictures. pity. but I've just found my last year photo. it was took on Pagelaran day in my lovely school, SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta (haha).
He's sick since yesterday. hope he get well soon. aamiin :) can't wait to meet him again.

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