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Minggu, 29 Januari 2012


I was panic when my nobie cannot be turn on yesterday. This morning, I've just went to HarcoMas Mangga Dua to find out what happen to my nobie. And... it's the adaptor. I don't know what happened to it, but it's broken. So, I bought a new one. Uh, I used my cloth-money again.. :(
My TKM on DKI level's scores have out. Still, I didn't get the real score. Hah. But, I still proud of my self becasuse I've made a good progress, especially in Bahasa. Yeay! Alhamdulillah.

Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

loro budaye

Busy day! Arived at school early this morning since couple of days hehe. But then, directly went to the library and spent an hour in there. After school, practiced with my vocal group, nisa, mita, darin, shasha, feni, and asih. Well, it's just a group to get the Arts and Culture lesson's score.
We use "Loro Budaye" as our theme. Why? Because we've planned to perform "Sirih Kuning" song from DKI Jakarta and "Gambang Suling" from Central Java. I love the theme <3 and I love my group too ;)
Tomorrow, we will practice it again. And also tomorrow I will gather with my aerobic group. 3 words for tomorrow: What a day!
Now, just found the old photo of TEKAT-ers. It was took when we got our almamater (more than 1 year ago). No one use their shoes! :D Oh, the pink-hijab-girl was our PPL teacher, ka'Vira UNJ (Universitas Negeri Jakarta). Miss her :)

Kamis, 26 Januari 2012

busy weeks

Waaaaa!!! Really, now I wish I could scream out loud! Last week, we've just faced the TKM on DKI level. This week, we're facing some UHs (Ulangan Harian). Next week we will meet the UPs (Ujian Praktik) and special for accounting student, we also will do the simulation of managing the accounting.  Not to mention the stack of the homeworks.
Yeah, at least I give me a little time to take a break and refresh my mind. Just found my old photo again. It was took in Taman Matahari, Bogor about two years ago.

Selasa, 24 Januari 2012


For the last couple of day, I'm in love with mangosteen haha :D
Yesterday, went to GOR Ragunan to have the athletic score. Not bad. 400 meters in 1m40s. I've defeated Mei Lestari, the fastest female-runner in my class hehe.
And now, I become the pixlr lover <3 Just found a photo of Nisa and me when we were on 10th grade :)

Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

junior high

Just found a picture of Suryandari and me when we were still in JHS. We went to Gramedia to search "Kumpulan Soal-Soal UN SMP" book. After that, we went to DD to have our luch. What a memory! Now Suryandari is in Samarinda. Miss her so much! <3

Jumat, 20 Januari 2012


Just wanna upload a picture of my chair-mate & me :)

Break the words

Finally, I broke my words. Well, it's not fully my fault. I said, that I would not online with my nobbie. But my sista, Rina, came with the modem. So, here I am. Back to online-world with my nobbie. Hhh...

Well, TKM had past. I hope my scores are getting better than the last TKM. aamiin. I found Math was easier on this TKM. But still, stupidly I make mistakes. For English, it's more difficult. For Bahasa, well, I think I made a good progress. And for Accounting, it was the first TKM of this lesson. I found it not that easy. But I think, 8 is in my hand hehe.

News (in Bahasa). Semua nilai murid sekolah gue (1 angkatan) di TKM Bahasa Inggris tingkat wilayah "KACAU". Kenapa? Guru-guru sengaja meminta murid-murid untuk mengisi LJK + mengisi kertas ulangan yang sudah disediakan (selanjutnya disebut manual) dengan jawaban yg sama pastinya. Nah, manual itu digunakan sebagai gambaran akan nilai TKM murid-murid. Manual itu digunakan untuk mengetahui dimana letak kesalahan-kesalahan yang murid-murid lakukan dalam mengerjakan TKM karena LJK tidak dikembalikan ke sekolah.
Yang terjadi, secara manual nilai kami cukup memuaskan. Gue sendiri mendapat nilai tertinggi di kelas. Banyak temen sekelas gue yang mendapat nilai 8. Tapi yang terjadi, daftar nilai yang disampaikan dari dinas ke sekolah justru "HANCUR". Nilai temen gue yang seharusnya +-8 dicantumkan angka 3.
Sebenarnya, tidak terlalu mengecewakan seandainya yang terjadi adalah perbedaan nilai 2 angka desimal. Tapi yang terjadi, nilai menyusut menjadi hanya 50%.
Sempat terpikir, mungkin kami menghitamkan LJK dengan tidak baik. Tapi masa iya, satu angkatan nilainya hancur semua?
Tapi demi memacu semangat, kami tetap berpegang pada nilai manual. Karena itulah hasil dari kerja keras kami yang sebenarnya :)


Ketika ayah baru saja pulang dari tempat kerjanya, gue dan adik-adik (Rina & Rosna) seneng banget. Serasa ayah baru pulang dari 2 bulan pelayaran dan kita bikin parade penyambutan :D

"Twilight" in Bahasa

Percakapan antara Bella & Edward:

"Kau seharusnya tidak melkukan itu pada orang-orang," aku mengkritiknya. "Tidak adil."
"Melakukan apa?"
"Membuat mereka terpesona seperti itu--barangkali sekarang dia sedang sesak napas di dapur."
Ia tampak bingung.
"Oh, ayolah," aku berkata ragu. "Kau pasti tahu bagaimana reaksi orang terhadapmu."
Ia memiringkan kepala, sorot matanya penasaran. "Aku membuat orang terpesona?"
"Kau tidak sadar? Kaupikir orang bisa jadi seperti itu dengan mudahnya?"
Ia mengabaikan pertanyaanku. "Apakah aku membuatmu terpesona?"
"Sering kali," aku mengakuinya.
Stephenie Meyer, Twilight (Jakarta: Gramedia, 2008), hlm. 180.

Yeah, at least that is how today looked like. It's not "his" fault if there are many girls in school like him. I should also happy when the girls praised him in front or to me :)


Well, the Korean Drama--49 Days--has just ended. Made lots of tears of mine & my mom's.
-The End-

Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012


I am back. just visiting and posting a post. I try to not use my own modem for about 6 months since new year. I try to focus on my exams. tasks make their own mountain. but since I hid my nobie and modem, I had done my tasks and now I just have two new tasks. fiuh. I don't know, maybe on Monday and the next day and the next day I'll have the other tasks. Oh, on Tue and Wed I'll have the "TKM" or "Tes Kendali Mutu" on the province level. just hope I'll get my best scores for those 4 lessons (Math, English, Bahasa, and Accounting).

Oh, and I'm 17 now! Woo-hoo! haven't got the ID card yet. But I did, get presents from my besties. got a cake from Nisa and Dede Hardian on my day. They came to my house in the afternoon. What a surprise! Love you guys <3
On the same day, my little sista gave me a present. It's a frame. I think she wanted me to put my and "his" photo. haha. but thank you :)

On Mon, I treated 4G (Nisa, Dede, and Simin) plus Aya and Alam. Well, Hanif and Syahrul couldn't join us. Hanif was fasting on that day and Syahrul went home earlier with him. After treating them and when I got home, my little sista, Rosna, told me that there were a present from my friend. And it's from 4G. A frame with our pictures in it. Much loves for you guys <3

On Wed, I treated Hanif and Syahrul, but I also treated Nisa, Simin, Aya, and Alam again plus Severina. And on the same day I got presents. One from Aya and Farah (a blue mukena and a blue hijab) and one from my classmates (a blue lunch box). Blue lover, I am. hehe.

But, because I'm online using the secret pc (hehe), I can't uploading those pictures. pity. but I've just found my last year photo. it was took on Pagelaran day in my lovely school, SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta (haha).
He's sick since yesterday. hope he get well soon. aamiin :) can't wait to meet him again.

Rabu, 04 Januari 2012


I've just seen my junior's edited photos, and I love with how she edited the photos. I asked her what program does she use? And it's pixlr on pixlr.com. I try to install it to my nobie but it can't be used :( So, I just can edit photos if I'm online. Uh. Whereas today is my last day online using my nobie. Maybe I will using it back--to online--on July, but I'm not sure, maybe... August. hhh...
I (don't) know why I love this photo so much :)
yeah, I'm not a creative person, so that's the result haha. by the way, my lovely school--SMK Negeri 10 Jakarta--has become an International school. Yeayness! I cannot wait to try the new chair and desk haha.

Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Talk Less Do More!

I don't know what happen, but I become the fan of "Talk Less Do More" phrase. So, this is what happened with me this afternoon.

Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012 \(^_^)/

Happy New Year! ^_^
Well, I think it's an important year for me. It will be my 17th-year live in this world :) I'll get my own ID Card hehe. And (in Bahasa) pertengahan tahun 2012 akan menjadi penentuan bagi gue & semua murid kelas 3 SMA/SMK/MA/setara setelah hampir 12 tahun sekolah. InsyaAllah kami semua LULUS dengan hasil yang memuaskan. amiin.
So, my 2012 whises/plans:
> I graduate from Vocational High School with my best score <
> (Bismillah) I become FEUI student (college student?) <
> Visit my hometown again (Sigli, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam) <
> Increase my faith level <
> No more NATO (No Action Talk Only) haha <
Confess my feelings to "him" (?) <
Well, today--first day in new year--I practiced listening again :P This time, I tried to listen to David Archuleta's "Wait" song.
for the video click here

Wait - David Archuleta

I can’t see sleep, I’m feeling wide awake
Tonight is taking it’s time
How much more before the morning breaks
And I can leave it all behind

‘Cause every time I try to close my eyes
I only end up seen seeing memories of you
And it’s never enough, I’m waiting

Even though you’re gone I can hear your heart
It’s calling out my name like a flash in the dark
And if this is just a dream I won’t give it back
I’ll find the a way to make it last
One more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go
Just one more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go

I am keeping every word you say
But how much longer I cannot know can I hold on
‘Cause whispers that going echoing until they fade
Remind me that you’re already gone

‘Cause every time I try to chace chase your voice
I end up getting lost and running in circles
And it’s never enough, I’m waiting

Even though you’re gone I can hear your heart
It’s calling out my name like a flash in the dark
And if this is just a dream I won’t give it back
I’ll find the a way to make it last
One more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go
Just one more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go (don’t go)

Wait, wait, wait don’t go
Just one more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go
Ooh… yeah… Don’t go…

Even though you’re gone I can hear your heart
It’s calling out my name like a flash in the dark
And if this is just a dream I won’t give it back
I’ll find the a way to make it last
One more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go
Just one more minute wait, wait, wait don’t go