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Kamis, 15 September 2011


lks 2011 on east jakarta level, smkn 10 jakarta won 6 trophies. 1st place for accounting and marketing, 2nd place for accounting and office administration, and 3rd place for office administration and marketing. pity, we didn't go to national level. but farah (accounting) got 4th place and putri (office administration) got 3rd place in province level :)
me (2nd place, accounting)
farah nur nayfar (1st place, accounting)
me, mrs. nurtovingah, & farah
me, fithriyah ulfa (manager), & farah
oktaviani putri (2nd place, office adm), farah, ana oktaviani (3rd place, office adm),
gita huzaini (3rd place marketing), klarina rizkyani (1st place, marketing), & me

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