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Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

show time!

Well, well, here I am again. It’s such a long time since my last post (I even didn’t realize it). But, many interesting things happened.
When I was still on my 2nd year, we (2nd year student) had our "pagelaran" day.
the day before the big day
my classmates: shinta puspita sari (left) and haryanni (right)
my classmates: dwi nurul junika (left) and khairunnisa nurdiah (right)

my playground, elementary, junior high, and senior high school's friend:
riyantri epilia fadillah

Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

trip to jogja-solo: day III

Tuesday, 31st May 2011
Zulfani Aditya Putri (Zulfani)
Nugerah Maulidina (Nunu)
Dian Rama Sahri (Diane)
Parangtritis Beach was waiting. But I spent more time at nisa's house haha

Next stop: Kasongan

Borobudur time! ^_^
Mety, Mita, Asih, & Me

trip to jogja-solo: day II

Monday, 30th May 2011
woke up early and had breakfast in the hotel restaurant with some friends :)
boys from left: hanif fadilah, dede hardian, & muhammad nurul alam
girls from left: me, nisa, & dian ratna
Now, Solo time. First stop: Museum Batik Danar Hadi :)
the stocks
the Batik Danar Hadi shop
I bought bags for my mom and my sistas. Strangely, I didn't buy one for myself T_T
Next stop is Masjid Agung Surakarta and Pasar Klewer. Pity, I was too excited to enjoy the mosque so I forgot my digicam (I left it on the bus). Then, we went back to Jogja. Next stop is Malioboro. Woo-hoo! And again, I was too excited and forgot to took some picctures, ugh. Finally, we back to our hotel.
Next day, checked out.

trip to jogja-solo: day I

Sunday, 29th May 2011
It's my firstie, visit jogja-solo. it becomes a wonderful trip because I went there with my friends. well, it's our school's study tour (for 11th grade @ smk negeri 10 Jakarta). day I we spent time on our bus, Big Bird Bus. 19 people of my class and me got on bus no.4 also with a half of XI Office Administration 1 class. the drivers, Mr Roy, Mr Anas, and Mr Lutfi are very nice. they made us enjoy the trip cheerfully.
the bus moved on 6.00 a.m. we started the trip with singing dangdut music together. on 8 a.m we stopped at 57km area.
Dwi Nurul Junika (Ncek) & Reni Safitri (me)
Khairunnisa Nurdiah (Nisa)
Shinta Puspita Sari (Shinta) & Nisa
Nisa, Feni Royhana (Feni), Mei Lestari (Memei), Nurhidayani (Ani), 
Haryyanni (Haryanni), Tuti Adyati (Tuti), & Siska Apriyani Ndate (Ndate)
Nisa, Suhendar (SUha), Ndate, Shinta, Mety Dwi Mariana (Mety), Bu Nurtovingah (Bu Nur),
Umi Aulia Rahma (Umi), Nurul Wafa Adawiah (Nurul), & Azhar Fatimah (Azhar)
it's just 8.30 a.m when some of my friends fell asleep. I took some of their picts. hehe :P
Dian Ratna Sari (Nenek), Cindy Maria C. Pandie (Cindy), & Ani
Asih Ridho 'Awati (Asih)
on mid day, we stopped at RM SM Tasik to had lunch and pray.
Feni, Memei, Me, Ani, Cindy, Tuti, & Nisa
we felt very tired. so, before we arrived at our hotel, we slept on the bus, again. well, I was awake to took these picts. hehe
Nugerah Maulidina (Nunu)
Mita Desnawati (Mita) & Mety
well, we had dinner before arrived at our hotel. we had dinner at Ambar Ketawang Resto. :) some of my friends felt sleepy when had their dinner. :D
Fhatwa Shaqina (Shasa), Ani, & Mita
finally arrived at Matahari Hotel... X) Nisa, Nenek, Mita, Mety, and I got room no.118 :)