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Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

today's choices

I don't know it's kind of not-so-good-day or not. I can't decide.
The bad things were I got a bad score for my biology test and history hw. hiks. well, those are the subjects where I can't get good score. :'( just the final exam left to fix the score (average).
The good thing was Pond's Teen Concert came to my school, SMK N 10 Jakarta :) I asked my friend, Poppy, to got me the voucher so I can watch the concert on 16th July 2011. and I got it. thank's to Poppy. well, because she had helped me, I give 1 tube pond's to her and 1 tube to Ana (she also helped me). I got my own too hehe. Poppy also helped me got the black notebook cover. but I must bought the lightning cream before. :P
Btw, I asked Poppy to help me because I can't go to the school's field. I got accounting class. but before the event finished, my teacher permitted my class to go to the school's field. yeayness. X)
Finally I got the voucher and just wait to get the ticket wohoo!
Actually, my parents don't want to permit me to go to the concert. but with the voucher in my hand, they just can silent. Sorry, Ma, Pa, I'll promise I'll take care.

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