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Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Indonesian Creative Teen

SMKN 24 Jakarta proudly present: "Indonesian Creative Teen"
come and enjoy it on February, 12th 2011. One of the guest star is SOULJAH. :) (just help my friends to promote their event :) )
btw, when will SMKN 10 Jakarta hold this? I can't wait for it.

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Minggu, 30 Januari 2011


I really forgot that narcissus is the name of one person in greek mythology. I just know that he likes to see himself. with mirror or something that can reflect his self. I named my blog "narcissus" because I read in C n' S magazine and in a website that this flower said "stay as sweet as you are". It really draws me well. Not because I'm sweet, hehe, but I just read it as "Just be yourself". Well, I'm not think much about this name same as the person in the greek mythology's name. The point is what I mean is the flower's meaning. :)

dora bank

I've just bought a new piggy bank. well it's not really a pig. it's just a cylinder bank with doraemon pict on it. so I call it "dora bank". hihi. hey dora, please take my money... X)

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what am I wearing?

it's my new experiment. why did I say that? well, I never think about what I am wearing. hehe. so, when I realized, I took some pict. those picts make me think "I must learn how to mix n' match what I am gonna wear". hehe. :)

Kamis, 27 Januari 2011

my lita sista

it's just me to excite to make a blog for my little sista, una. X) well, she also excites with it. :P
my lita sista, una...
please visit my little sista's blog >> http://rosnainongwati.blogspot.com/

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Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

round sweet

Yeay! My daddy brougth donuts. DD. X) I said it like he never buys it. Sorry, Pa. hehe. :P

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grow and blossom

I've just knew that my school's canteen sells chocolates. Yummy. XP

mum's aceh bag

I've just found my mum's bag. She even doesn't realize that she has this bag. I asked her to give that bag to me. X)

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

got car on hand

my little sista give me a very cute bracelet made of rubber. It's car shape. x)

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Senin, 24 Januari 2011

me.my weeks.

Amazing week I had for 3 weeks back. No time for break. My second week end in this year (9/1) is used to had a met with FOSJ-Ters @lubangbuaya.
My third week end I spent @smkn26jakarta. Did the TKP 1.
The forth week end I spent with practicing for the next English Debating competition.
And the last week--next week--I'll spend my time for the competition and TKP 2.
Wow amazing new year. And it's just the beginning. I'm wondering what's next...?
:) :) :)

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Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

sat experiment

my first experiment. edited with photoshop 7.0. not so bad I think. :) what do u think?

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